From where to learn C in Internet?

nternet is a good stuff for learning. I learned a lot from internet then traditional class room. But the problem is if there any source to learn C from internet? The answer is definitely YES. Here I am giving some usefull links and there brief introduction:


wikipedia is always a good starting point for learning.
Here wikipeadia gives a brief introduction to C programming.
This page is good for learning the history of C programming.
 And also,you will get some basic terminology related
 this programming language.


	an open source book of C programming from wikibooks. 


	an online course of C programming.
Nice if you are using UNIX. 


	now this is a site I am looking for.
A site dedicated for C programming. 


	I think most of you use Turbo C.
if you are in this group, this link will help you.


	an online book for C programming.

Not enough? Just search “C programming” (dont use the quote)
in google or yahoo!

(Note for 1st semester of PSTU:
These are the references for my session. 
Along with your text book.)

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