Preparing your computer for web development

[This post is for beginners only. For expert I will write another post on how to make a web server in linux. ]

Hello everybody and good evening.

From a lot of days I was writing in blog but I think they are not so much good information for you. You can say that that was a beginning. From now on, I will try to write something important, useful for you.

I was in the facebook (well, I am always in facebook!) I saw a lot of person asking how to start web development, specificly lots of people asks how to make a php application, or how to write a php program, etc. But before write a simple program in php (those are called script, description of scripts are out of bound of this post so I will write anothers post about script and programs) you have to make your pc as a web server. Means a local server where you can make and test your application.

There are a lot of expert solutions to make a web server. Well, we are not making commercial web servers, we are making a web server to test our applications, the easiest way is install xampp, wampp or easyphp. They have everything you need to make a test server.

What are they? These are distributions in which you will have apache (the basic web server you need), php (the scripting language that makes your web page dynamic), mysql (database, the storehouse of your application or site).

Xampp ( is an easy to install Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl. XAMPP is really very easy to install and to use – just download, extract and start.[1] the distribution is available for windows ,mac, linux and solaris.

Wampp ( is for windows. There slogan is “web development platform on windows.”

But my favorite is easyphp (, it is not much strong as above distributions, but it is small and fast, and it can be easily portable.

So pick up your tool and start installing. Your pc will be ready for web development.

[ seeker? I will try to catch up with you J ]


[1] xampp web page.


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