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Caveman's Web Log

Last week I was working on a  project,that was developed  using YII.Client requested some new features in the existing application and asked us to change the old layout of the application.In this post I am using a HTML template to integrate in YII app.

I have built a default webapp using YII command line tool.If you are not familair with YII command line basic app creation you can check my previous post on YII.

The three simple steps are:

1.Choose a HTML template and keep it under the theme directory an declare it in application configuration.

2.Making valid directory structure so that framework configuration can identify the theme

3.Add PHP code to the static HTML template

Step 1.For this post I have used a Open Source Free HTML5  template,you can choose you own and play with it.

Declare the theme name into the application configuration and it is application/protected/config/main.php and add


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