A Short review on Collabtive


Well, first thing is I am writing blog. It is a good thing, is not it?

Today I want to talk about a Collaborative application. I am currently using it at my office. As we are communicating with our client so frequently and we need to keep him up to date, so we decide to use a collaborative application.

We are using collabtive (http://collabtive.o-dyn.de/)


Fig: Collabtive web site

Now it is a groupware, Collaborative software (also referred to as groupware) is computer software designed to help people involved in a common task achieve goals. One of the earliest definitions of “collaborative software” is, “intentional group processes plus software to support them.” [1]

Now it is an alternative of BaseCamp, written in PHP and JavaScript. It started in November 2007. And it is good for small to medium-sized businesses and freelancers.

The application is currently available in sourceforge and google code. This project is last modified at 19/1/2012 (Fresh enough!)

Now you can download and test it in your local server.

If you are using cpanel and which support softaculous, you can install it via softaculous.

Fig: Collabtive in cpanel/ softaculous

Now if you don’t have this support in your cpanel, don’t worry, upload the application in your server. Install it manually.

I installed it via cpanel. Now here is the login page of the application


Now this is the landing page (called Desktop)


This application is really cool. Usefull if you are a freelancer, or you need to control your small to mid level projects.




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