Zotero: The research tool

Today I was starting to start working about cloud learning system and I got understand that I need a research management tool. I was looking for a good research tool that can be integrated well with web browser. Note that I use google chrome as my primary browser. But unfortunately I didn’t found a good one to serve me.

I used zotero a long time before and I liked that. It was good for firefox. Now, after being disappointed of searching a good research tool for chrome, I considered to switch on zotero again. Now the problem is how do I get same functionality (I mean I see a button on web page that tells me to store the information on zotero)?

Then I searched google app store. And I found the zotero connector. Just installed it and vola, I got the functionality as I want. Now I see the button in chrome as I see in firefox. And also, I can store a page from the right button menu inside chrome.

I also learned that zotero also has supports for safari and opera. Seems nice!


Reference (created by zotero):

“Zotero | Home.” [Online]. Available: http://www.zotero.org/. [Accessed: 15-Sep-2012].

Center for History and New Media, “Zotero Quick Start Guide.” [Online]. Available: http://zotero.org/support/quick_start_guide.


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