Example: PHP array to Javascript Array

in php

$colorCodes = array("Restaurants"=> "#FFD014", "Bars"=> "#FBA10C", "Beauty Shops"=> "#12CBE1", "Automotive"=> "#0C93A5", "Health Services"=> "#C17FB5", "Clothing & Accessories"=> "#C22A9A", "Home Furnishings"=> "#97B63F", "Pets"=> "#CDDE61", "Other"=> "#8DD9CC");
$color = array();
//$spendByCategory is a array that hold the category name with spend amount and total count of transection
foreach ($spendByCategory as $spend) {
// json encoding the array $color.
$color = json_encode($color);

at Javascript i do the follow:

var colors = <?php echo $color ?>;

another alternative:
var js_array = [<?php echo '"'.implode('","', $php_array).'"' ?>];
taken from: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5618925/convert-php-array-to-javascript


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