Twitter access token generation in php


if (!isset($_GET[\”oauth_token\”])) {

// set these values in a config file somewhere.

$twitter = new TwitterOAuth(CONSUMER_KEY, CONSUMER_SECRET);

// append a ?. This is your callback URL if you specify something.

$credentials = $twitter->getRequestToken(\”\”);

// try and be a bit more elegant with the URL… This is a minimal example

$url = $twitter->getAuthorizeUrl($credentials);

echo $url;

// these are temporary tokens that must be used to fetch the new,

// permanent access tokens. store these in some way,

// session is a decent choice.

$_SESSION[\”token\”] = $credentials[\”oauth_token\”];

$_SESSION[\”secret\”] = $credentials[\”oauth_token_secret\”];

} else {

// use the user\’s previously stored temporary credentials here

$twitter = new TwitterOAuth(CONSUMER_KEY, CONSUMER_SECRET,

$_SESSION[\”token\”], $_SESSION[\”secret\”]);

// uses the oauth_token (from the request) already.

// you store these credentials in your database (see below).

$credentials = $twitter->getAccessToken($_GET[\”oauth_verifier\”]);

// just a printout of credentials. store these, don\’t display them.

echo \”



// valid credentials, provided you give the app access to them.

echo \”




via php – Why is my twitter oauth access token invalid / expired – Stack Overflow.


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