its django time!

today i wrote some codes for dbles project. i am rewriting the dbles with django, and it is quite fun to work with django. the main difference between django and rails, i assume, is the magic. Django uses less ‘magic’ then rails. And as i says a lot, python can be used happily with both windows and linux. On the other hand, rails lacks this heavily.

So what is the todays trouble in code? well it was installing mysql support in django. If in windows, you will need the help of visual studio (2008 is perfect, but have options for 2010 and 2012) to install mysql driver for python.
Now here is the catch, i read that if you have installed mingw, or you have the gcc, you can install the driver. Have not tested it yet. And i forgot to share the link! No problem, will share links next time.
Have fun, Good night
Its gonna rain in Dhaka, dont forget your umbrella tomorrow, and i forgot to bring my umbrella today from office. Whatever!


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