In search of a new theme

Last night i thought i should take blogging seriously, seriously means seriously.

its like i was keeping my link on this site as well as simple chit chat, but what i am now thinking is to write blog more seriously and professionally, (wait pro writing? still not my type)

Well i am also considering buying a hosting space for my blog, but there are some issues. i am not sure which type of hosting will be perfect for me due to i dont know what to do next! (Typical me)

Anyways the first thing if i going to use as my blogging site is the change the theme. Currently i am using P2 which is a good theme for microblogging but i think i need something good. (not saying the p2 is a bad theme).

There is another one thing that i would like to focus on my blog site. Instead of focusing on a lot of sites or social network just focusing on one site will makes me more productive. If you are following me in last few days i was talking all about productivity and how to be focused on work and life.

I am also working on a work life balance (not balanced, yet!) which i will discuss on other blog posts. Not in this post.

Ok, lets back to business, and i forgot in wordpress theme you can search by text. :/

after searching a lot, i first locked on Afterlight theme.

Afterlight is a monochromatic blog theme with an option for a full-screen background image. Add your favorite Background Image or Color to lend your personal flair.

After changing the theme, at first it looked pity odd, but i hope i might be comfortable with this.

For now, lets keep it as it is. Have some more works to do so buy for now. An dont forget to check my site.


Update 1:

The theme is good, but i can not use <code> format in it </code> so i switched to another theme named big brother. (Wait, big brother?)


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