Bangladesh vs Afganistan


I am writing at the moment where bangladesh is in 121/5. Riad and Kayes is in batting.

This match is important for Bangladesh. And Bangladesh is looks like loosing this match. The worst thing is Sakib out on 0! Come on man we were looking for your batting.

Bangladesh right now playing good. I hope it will be a good thing. We are here really waiting for Bangladesh to win this match.

after 30 over, it is 126/5. It is still Riad and Kayes.

at 32 over, Bangladesh is at 140/5. It seems like the batting is now stable. A pertnership is building. We hope to see this partnership till 45 over.

Rating for both player is above 50, where Riad is near 94.


well still I prefer #android over #iphone for features, but #iphone over #android for stability.

not sure about #windowsmobile though. and #blackberry is strong for people who do not need to do much things. ask my father more about it.


so from #linux I returned to #macos.

now I use a macbook with macos, samsung galaxy s8 and a huawei band.


#japan #summer #weather #yao #osaka

today the weather is around 35 degree in yao. I think it is highest I have seen in japan.



so today starts the round of 16. and with #argentina match. it will be 11 pm at japan time.

#worldcup #argentina

When you are in a big trouble?


When you feel your current working project is boring. :/

I dont know why i am curving for gnome desktop? :/
#linux #dm


#sing #movie #original-soundtrack
You should listen them,
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well, it seems like japan will be playing full defence today. there formation is saying so.

#japan #worldcup

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