My new web space

I have just bought a new domain

Well the web space is as same as, and i bought the domain name for a year and the hosting for 3 month. Lets see how it goes.

I am planning to put adsense after 1 month in the site. So that my site will bring some (small for sure) revenue.

I will talk about my site in this blog until the site DNS is fixed. 🙂


Started playing #csgo , this…

Started playing #csgo , this time target is getting 100 competitive win. 😀

Disconnected #twitter from my #wordpress blog, i think its better if i dont share everything and share what audience want to hear. Right? 

So the fact is #wordpress…

So the fact is #wordpress #p2 theme have issues with social networks when writing from front page, otherwise autosharing works.

So i am settled in my wordpress blog, lets see how long it will take for me to stay here. 

#microblog #randomthought

Game Development in 24 Hour

Check this site out
Try that site and see what he says and let me know how it is, is it workable for you?
#gamedev #gametutorials

Sounds like i am again…

Sounds like i am again bounded to pen and paper. #software-engineering #itsmylife

For me #p2new is better…

For me #p2new is better then #p2classic, so the issue is i can not send my post to social networks automatically, need to do it manually. 😦

and #p2new still have issues…

and #p2new still have issues with social sharing, lets check this and find it out.

Back to p2 theme again,…

Back to p2 theme again, my #wordpress blog looks like #socialnetwork again 🙂