So the fact is #wordpress…

So the fact is #wordpress #p2 theme have issues with social networks when writing from front page, otherwise autosharing works.


So i am settled in my wordpress blog, lets see how long it will take for me to stay here. 

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Game Development in 24 Hour

Check this site out
Try that site and see what he says and let me know how it is, is it workable for you?
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Sounds like i am again…

Sounds like i am again bounded to pen and paper. #software-engineering #itsmylife

For me #p2new is better…

For me #p2new is better then #p2classic, so the issue is i can not send my post to social networks automatically, need to do it manually. 😦

and #p2new still have issues…

and #p2new still have issues with social sharing, lets check this and find it out.

Back to p2 theme again,…

Back to p2 theme again, my #wordpress blog looks like #socialnetwork again 🙂

The old about me

Hi, thanks for you interest. Although i uploaded my resume in my blog but an informal information will be nice.

I am Faysal Ahmed (Shohel). I lives in Dhaka (although planning to move out) and born in Bagerhat, both are in Bangladesh.

I completed my BSc from Patuakhali Science and Technology University, Bangladesh with Major in Computer Science and Engineering. I enrolled MS at Bangladesh Technical University (known as BUET) Bangladesh but God knows when i will complete my MS.

I started my first coding back in 2004, and knows more then 5 programming language. However my professional programming language is PHP, i am currently working as a Software Engineer at TigerIT Limited Bangladesh.

Yah, i co-founded Team71, one of the rising application startup in bangladesh. I spend my free time in that startup.

I live with my family at Bonosree Dhaka. I am married to Sahinoor Islam Eva, who studies BBA at Stamford University.

This page is incomplete as my life is still going on 😀  will update when this page needs to be updated. till then, be happy and live your life.

Faysal Ahmed

My approach on a mix of TDD and BDD

TDD is test first then right code. It is a good thing but writing test first can make you late for your project at first and there is a time trade of.

What i do is write test and code simultaneously, and at the end make sure that i have both code and test ready to send in VCS.

This thing works, or at least working for me for now. I have codes and test in time and the time trade of is little bit less then doing TDD purely.

Lets explore this methodology and i will discuss my findings later.

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