Support any country in the field, but don’t dishonor yours

I don’t care either you support Pakistan or India, that’s ok, but please, don’t dishonor our country.

Today at bus I heard some students may be in class 9 or 10 (!) supporting Pakistan widely. Which is not a problem to me, what makes me angry is they were criticizing Bangladesh cricket team too badly and they were in some short, dishonoring Bangladesh.  I know there are Pakistan supporters in my friend list at Facebook and I know them well, they support Pakistan, but they support Bangladesh first then Pakistan. But these students (I don’t know why I should consider them student, I am even confused about what they study at school) even supported Pakistan at the Bangladesh against Pakistan match. And also, I would like to be clear on that I am not an Indian supporter.

Sorry to say bad to their school, but they are not aware of nationalism, that may turn out deadly as, yes of course they will be our future leader. So they need to love country.

Our education system should include the process so that student understand honor and values of nationalism. Otherwise, I am afraid we may not get a strong future for our country.

sorry if i make any harsh word. I was little bit disappointed.