Exam schedule of MSc in CSE , April 2012 Session, BUET

Exam schedule of MSc in CSE , April 2012 Session, BUET

If not stated, exam time is 5 pm- 8 pm and room number #503

Date Course Code Course Name
17/11/2012 (10:30 am- 1:30 pm) CSE 6304 Software Testing
17/11/2012 CSE 6303 Computational geometry
18/11/2012 CSE 6407 Combinatorial Optimization
19/11/2012 CSE 6705 Meta heuristics
20/11/2012 CSE 6701 Neural Networks
21/11/2012 CSE 6805 Computer communications and networks II
24/11/2012 CSE 6406 Bioinformatics Algorithm
26/11/2012 CSE 6410 Advance Algorithmic Graph Theory



BUET website hacked!

Ok, now this is crazy, BUET website hacked at the time 3 PM approximately, while It was requesting VC and Pro-VC to resign from their post. This happened just after the high court of Bangladesh imposed an injunction against the ongoing agitation and strike by BUET teaches. This request came from IICT Director. Which, until now is not confirmed that is made by him.

After this incident, BUET VC ordered to shut down the web server of BUET which is still shut down for maintenance.

Teachers of BUET give 1 week to VC

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Techn...
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One week has been given to VC of BUET by teachers. Otherwise they will resign from their post.

From the last few months, teachers and students of Bangladesh top technical university, BUET, protesting against the VC and pro-VC for biasing their view over some people, notably on some teachers and chhatra league, the student wing of current govt. party, Bangladesh Awamy league.

However, VC still has not said about anything rather then he will only resign if president says him to resign. And he (and some newspaper, some teachers and chhatra league) are accusing protesting teachers have connection with Jammat-e-islami and Hizbur Tahrir.

The situation still is not ok.

N.B: Some students are saying VC should leave from his post, but campus should not start! 😀