changed my blog template to Radcliffe 2

I forget exactly how many times i changed my wordpress blog template, anyways, lets do it again.

And i changed to Radcliffe 2 this time. reason, 1. Beginner theme 2. i liked the simplicity.

If you want to know more about this theme, check this site

I think this will be my todays first published post. :/

My blog at, restarted

Ok buddy, my personal site didnt go that well.

So i am back to my site with free hosting. How ever, i am planning to buy a subscription for my blog and a custom domain, it will help my identity in the web. I need an identity at the web.

And some things changed after i wrote my last blog post. For the first i came to japan, in working visa, its near 6 month. Trying to learn Japanese which is not good as expected. Well in this time i visited two cities, lucky or unlucky i dont know. I was started at tokyo but i ended up in osaka now. Two city different from each other. Where next okinawa? Not sure but might be a possibility.

I will start to actually write blogs, my daily life, my travels, my work and a lots of stuff, so you can expect a lot of things from my blog now, not like only links i posted before ( i didnt delete them, you will find the if you browse my blog) so lets start a authentic blogging journey shall we?

I will be writing my blog and will be recreating my site the host it properly. I am planning to host it in wordpress and will be getting a subscription for it. But after my site is totally completed. So there might be some view change while it is constructing.

Lets sleep, busy day tomorrow.

A software engineer actually never rest whatever excuse…

A software engineer actually never rest, whatever excuse is given does not matter.

Now at marmaid cafe. Well the place is beautiful. Unique concept. Nicely designed. (Some saying it is thiland!) People are coming. It is the 2nd dinner of tigeritbd. We are in a 3 days annual tour. Before this event we were at teknaf, the outcome of that tour from me, is mixed. Will write about thar later. About the pictures i taken, i will upload them when i get time and most, when i get a good internet connection! I am  currently using robi internet in coxbazar.

We had lunch at hiltop hotel, teknaf. Well i admit the teknaf tour was not as we expected. Too much hot, long road, and the accommodation of teknaf is not thaf much ok. May be i was expecting too much as i was here for the first time.
Anyways, at hotel now, preparing to go to teknaf beach. | Bangladesh’s first bilingual 24/7 news provider in any medium opened its content to public free of charge on 23 Oct 2006

এবার সাইবার আক্রমণের শিকার হলেন ওয়ার্ডপ্রেস ব্লগাররা। এপ্রিলের দ্বিতীয় সপ্তাহ থেকেই ব্লগারদের ওপর চলছে হ্যাকারদের ওই সাইবার আক্রমণ। প্রযুক্তি সংবাদবিষয়ক সাইট ম্যাশএবলের প্রতিবেদনে জানানো হয়েছে ‘এখন পর্যন্ত’ হ্যাকারদের ওই আক্রমণের শিকার হয়েছে বিশ্বব্যাপী ৯০ হাজার ওয়ার্ডপ্রেস ব্লগ।

via | Bangladesh’s first bilingual 24/7 news provider in any medium opened its content to public free of charge on 23 Oct 2006.

Joining on Tiger IT, not BCF Tech

Well, it was a tough decision i took last day. I got the offer latter from BCF Tech, and after that i got an offer to join Tiger IT Limited. So instead of joining BCF Tech, i am joining to Tiger IT Limited from 1st april 2013.

Haiping Zhao HipHop for PHP: Move Fast By Haiping Zhao

Haiping Zhao HipHop for PHP: Move Fast By Haiping Zhao

Laziness, Which is making me wrost, and cause is FACEBOOK!

I have just counted how much i work at my work, and it is only 3 hours!

Which means from 8 hour assigned at my work, i used only 3 hours and for the other times, mostly i will be in facebook!

Now the problem is, i like to play simsocial and simcity social, and i am seeing that i am wasting my times for them.

I need to find a solution. May be not thinking to go on facebook. But for a facebook addict like me, will it be possible? QUESTION QUESTION!!!!

So just came here to see that my…

So, just came here to see that my wordpress blog is still alive or not. I made a lot of experiment with it.
You know the most common problem inside me is the take decision. Such as my one month project in Yii turned in Core PHP. It is not that i am not sound in Yii, but my client is not sound in Yii, he is sound in Core PHP. He thought that he can learn Yii easily but Yii seems not easy to him.

Anyways, Now i am working at client’s office. In a really hot weather, and with anger cause the project requirement is view centric rather then project centric.

Dont know what will happen next.