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Codeigniter: Helpers, Plugins and Libraries | Ask About PHP

Plugins – I put all 3rd party codes I’m using in my application as Plugins. I would, as best as I can, try to use classes rather than straight function calls.

Helpers – Any standalone straight functions calls, which are repetitive in nature, I classify them as Helpers. For example, sorting functions, my own calculation functions, etc

Libraries – I classify my own classes as ‘Libraries’. Normally, if I’m already writing a class in my application, it would then to be the core logic of the application, as such, I group them all in the Library folder.

via Codeigniter: Helpers, Plugins and Libraries | Ask About PHP.

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Integrating CI with SocialEngine: Matching the database tables

SE4 uses the table prefix as engine4_ , So what you can do to make the SE4 codes same for CI Tables?
You can add table prefix in CI. For example i used ‘engine4_webadmin’. Now SE4 can get the database table by prefix ‘engine4_’, where the CI will catch the tables with prefix ‘engine4_webadmin’.
You will not need to change the codes of either CI or SE4.
If you have another good option please let me know.

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CI handles file upload

I hope you know the following line,
yap, these line uploads a file in CI.
Now whats happen when multiple uploaded files have same name?
a counting number is added after the file name in such case.
If you upload a file ‘image.jpg’, then upload another file with the same name, CI will change the file name as ‘image1.jpg’

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Changing the base path in CodeIgniter

To change the base path of codeigniter, go to config.php in application/config folder,
modify the following line,
$config[‘base_url’] = ‘http://example.com’;
That will work with echo base_url();

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Database prefix in CodeIgniter

You can set database table prefix in codeigniter. To do this,open the database.php file in config folder or application and modify these,
$db[‘default’][‘dbprefix’] = ‘web_admin’; // change to any name
Now when you write these,
$query = $this->db->get_where(‘_admin’, array(‘admin_name’ => $user_name,’password’ => do_hash($user_pass, ‘md5’)));
It will try to find web_admin_admin table of your database.

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CodeIgniter is Great

Codeigniter is great to understand and learn. If you consider CI,Cake PHP or symfony, you will see that CI is easy. I learned it when i was a student of university.
Now the point is Although CI is easy to learn, But i Think symfony has a lot of option to do. Symfony has the support of twig and doctrine. Which makes it a true framework.
Now lets point on the size. Codeigniter is small, really small, and have Active Record support. But CI don’t have YAML support i think.
Symfony 2 has the support of YAML but it is not as light as CI.

I still prefer CI , Cause support is the best option to determine a framework.

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