Some good media queries example

Here is the link,

TideSDK | Create multi-platform desktop apps with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

Create multi-platform desktop appswith HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScriptTideSDK is the new standard for creating beautiful and unique desktop apps using your web development skills.

via TideSDK | Create multi-platform desktop apps with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

The Asset Pipeline

The asset pipeline provides a framework to concatenate and minify or compress JavaScript and CSS assets. It also adds the ability to write these assets in other languages such as CoffeeScript, Sass and ERB.

The first feature of the pipeline is to concatenate assets. This is important in a production environment, because it can reduce the number of requests that a browser makes to render a web page. Web browsers are limited in the number of requests that they can make in parallel, so fewer requests can mean faster loading for your application.

The second feature of the asset pipeline is asset minification or compression. For CSS files, this is done by removing whitespace and comments. For JavaScript, more complex processes can be applied. You can choose from a set of built in options or specify your own.

The third feature of the asset pipeline is that it allows coding assets via a higher-level language, with precompilation down to the actual assets. Supported languages include Sass for CSS, CoffeeScript for JavaScript, and ERB for both by default.

read more( and how it works on rails):

Where style coming from a php variable

		$user =& JFactory::getUser();
		// print_r($user);
		echo "<span style='$style'>Welcome $user->username</span>";

You can make php works with your stylesheet…

You can make php works with your stylesheet if you use .php as extension of your stylesheet. Have not tested it but i think it will work

Make a simple tab based navigation using CSS (link)

A tab based navigation is a good thing for your web site!


Here is a tutorial link that can give you a head start of making your own tab based navigation system. But i should warn you, head start does not mean completed! 🙂


CSS Overflow Link from w3schools

CSS Overflow little bit tricky and useful also.

Here is the link from w3school that can help you to understand CSS Overflow:-