I am still not thinking to get a…

I am still not thinking to get a subscription on github. gitlab and bitbucket still good for hosting my private repositories.

GitHub Game Off

from https://github.com/blog/1962-the-game-off-returns

We’ll announce the theme and the details on the blog on March 13th at 9am PST, so please stay tuned. We may even have a twist in store!

The official Twitter hashtag for the Game Off is #ggo15.

Joomla in GitHub

Joomla in GitHub

Here is the place where joomla is evolving. And see there, there is a branch name “3.0 alpha” . I am wondering what is inside that branch! 😀

gladiusjs/gladius-core · GitHub

Gladius is a 3D game engine

Gladius is a 3D game engine, written entirely in JavaScript, and designed to run in the browser. We leverage existing web technologies whenever possible and where gaps exist in support for games, we develop new solutions.

The engine consists of a core set of functionality that is common to all games and simulations like the game loop, messaging, tasks and timers. Common components like the spatial transform are also provided by the core. More specialized funcionality, like graphics or physics, is encapsulated into engine extensions that are designed to run on top of the core. A common set of extensions is maintained as part of this project, and support for third-party extensions is a strong design objective.

An engine instance is comprised of the engine core plus a set of extensions.

via gladiusjs/gladius-core · GitHub.