About Marmalade Quick

“Accelerating your game development with a fast, flexible and open RAD environment. With Lua, a little code goes a long way.”[1]

Ok, here it is,

As the name suggests, Marmalade Quick is designed to be fast, flexible and easy to use. With Marmalade Quick, a little code goes a long way.

Using Lua (the fastest scripting language available), Marmalade Quick is built on Marmalade and Cocos2D-X so it is also powerful and entirely cross-platform. In fact, no other RAD environment offers simultaneous deployment to so many platforms – or the ability to develop for Android on a Mac and for iOS on a PC. With Marmalade Quick and a single codebase you can target:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone 8
  • Windows Desktop
  • Mac Desktop
  • Tizen
  • BlackBerry 10
  • BlackBerry Playbook
  • Roku

No knowledge of platform-specific languages, APIs or tools is required.

So you can get going as soon as you like! [1]

All of marmalade quick gives you access to the marmalade quick.


[1] https://www.madewithmarmalade.com/products/quick

Analyzing the market of HTML5 games

A nice article about HTML5.  it contains:

The 10 most popular HTML5 games

Most-used game engines

Most-used game-related tools

written by Austin Hallock , the 21-year-old cofounder and CEO of Clay.io. (personaly, 21 years old and the co-founder of Clay.io ! wow its great, and it is really unthinkable in Bangladesh, my country. but i hope the situation will be changed as bangladesh is growing up on IT related business.)


Game engines and tools – Game development | MDN

A good article from MDN. has info about game engines and game tools.

Game engines and tools – Game development | MDN.

TideSDK | Create multi-platform desktop apps with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

Create multi-platform desktop appswith HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScriptTideSDK is the new standard for creating beautiful and unique desktop apps using your web development skills.

via TideSDK | Create multi-platform desktop apps with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Brushed Template | Alessio Atzeni | Web Designer & Front-end Developer

currently working on a project and found this theme beautiful

Brushed Template | Alessio Atzeni | Web Designer & Front-end Developer.

Starts learning melon js[1]. A game engine for HTML5. small js script (85kb production). Also there is a good tutorial available for melon js

1. http://www.melonjs.org

Wakanda, HTML5 IDE and Framework

Today’s modern business applications require fast development, multiple device support and Cloud deployment. New devices are introduced every day – mobile phones, desktops, tablets… And today’s Web solutions require a patchwork of languages and technologies and a team of experts to install, configure and run them.

Our solution: One language. One complete stack. All JavaScript.

Introducting Wakanda. One open and complete solution for all your Web and mobile business apps.

What’s in Wakanda?

Wakanda Studio
A visual designer for your datastore and front end, as well as code editor.

Design your datastore classes. Create your business logic. Draw up your GUI. Secure your application. All visually. With Wakanda, even the most complex data structures are manageable. Click, drag, and draw relations between classes.

Enrich your UI with the power of HTML5 and CSS3. Build widgets specially for your functions and data elements on the server.

To address security, you can add users and groups with passwords. Assign permissions to your groups. Then apply those permissions to your application resources, like datastore model classes and methods.

And with just one click, your new application is loaded onto Wakanda server, ready to test and execute.

Wakanda Server
A super-rapid datastore and HTTP server, it’s a home for all your app’s business logic.

Wakanda Server is made up of several parts: There is a datastore housing all your application data and models. It’s run by a fast, NoSQL object engine (WakandaDB), which uses the classes you’ve defined and the JavaScript you’ve written for the application’s business logic. While all of this is happening, interactions with the outside world (i.e. your front-end) go on via Wakanda’s HTTP server. It does all of its work quietly out of the way, with a browser-based interface that allows you to administer it from anywhere.

Wakanda Server’s ease of use and high performance are all tied to its implementation of JavaScript (based on WebKit’s Squirrelfish Extreme just-in-time compiler) and the datastore class paradigm. In addition to accessing data from HTML5 widgets on the front end, all of the servers data and logic is available directly to you via JavaScript using standards-based APIs (W3C/WHATWG/CommonJS/NodeJS).

Wakanda Framework
Widgets and the fast, standards-based datasources that feed them.

While Wakanda Server does much of the “heavy lifting” in order to provide a fast back end for your applications, it requires an advanced framework on the client side to keep things running smoothly. The Wakanda Framework is comprised of a data provider to communicate with the server, interface widgets for the browser-based front end, and a datasource layer that comes in between.

Fetched from http://www.wakanda.org/overview

Get more from http://www.wakanda.org