Microsoft’s Windows 10 event in 8 minutes

Check out the tags for a quick guess what you are expecting to see from this video. Wait, Did i mentioned HoloLens?


Understanding a Developer Social Network and its Evolution – Microsoft Research

With the increase of large scale software projects, software development and maintenance demand the participation of a group of developers instead of individuals. Therefore having a thorough understanding of the group of developers is critical in terms of improving development and maintenance quality and reducing cost. In contrast to most commercial software endeavors, developers in open source software (OSS) projects enjoy more freedom to organize and contribute to a project in their own working style. Their interactions through various means in the project generate a latent developer social network (DSN). We have observed that developers and their relationships in these DSNs change continually under the influence of differences in the set of active developers and their changing activities. Revealing and understanding the structure and evolution of these social networks as well as their similarities and differences from other more general social networks (GSNs) is of value to our software engineering community, as it allows us to begin building an understanding of how well the findings from other fields based on GSNs apply to DSN. In this paper, we compare DSNs with popular GSNs such as Facebook, Twitter, Cyworld (a large social network in South Korea), and the Amazon recommendation network. Interesting results were found. For instance, while most social networks exhibit power law degree distributions, our DSNs do not. In addition, we also examine how DSNs evolve over time, highlighting how events within a project (such as a release or the departure of prominent developers) impact the makeup of the DSNs, and observe the evolution of topological properties such as modularity and the paths of communities within these networks.

full paper:

via Understanding a Developer Social Network and its Evolution – Microsoft Research.

Now how I will use the internet

I have just created an account in, and found it really interesting. it is good as email service. And look, it got the metro interface!

As I told before, it is good for email, but I still prefer google drive over skydrive. And I am not still considering live profile as a social network application.

Now the battle between twitter and facebook, I would like to post my status on twitter (as it gives me 160 words only, for more then 160 words, I have this blog). As  lot of my friends are in facebook, I will chat with them.

So let me see, what tools I would like to use in internet,

Chat: Facebook (unchanged)

Status: Twitter (changed from facebook)

Email:outlook ( (changed from gmail)

Blog: wordpress (unchanged)

Cloud documents: Google drive (changed a long ago from dropbox )

Will tell you if I change any option listed there with description that why I am changing it.

Migrating vb6 application to, the first thing I learned!

Image representing Microsoft as depicted in Cr...
Image via CrunchBase

One of the milestones of my project which I am working on BUET is the migration of the whole system from visual basic 6.0 to any .net version. While researching on the internet, I found that Microsoft has discontinued their vb migration tool from vb2010. They are proposing some third party tools for that! (why Microsoft, people likes this migration tool).


At first I installed visual basic express 2010 (better be a good person. Even I have a pirated CD version of visual studio team edition 2010), but didn’t found the migration tool. Then I learned that Microsoft discontinued that and for this reason, I am downloading vb 2008.


Hope downloading vb2008 works !