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#nodejs framework to watch http://rhapsodyjs.github.io/ , (will someone spell it for me?)

Seeing and enjoying the battle between rails and…

Seeing and enjoying the battle between rails and node.js in different freelanceing sites.

10 Best Node.js Frameworks For Developers

With the coming of Node.js, JavaScript has come to the forefront. It is bound to happen since it is already a well-known programming language used by developers in browsers. And, with Node.js, it has found a way to server-side implementation thus reducing the complexity of using two different languages at both ends. Today, Node.js offers one of the most innovative solutions to building servers and web/mobile applications. Its single-threaded event looping and asynchronous, non-blocking input/output processing feature distinguishes it from other runtime environments. Its scope is rapidly increasing with valuable contributions from the developer community and other technology giants. Right now, several performance-driven frameworks are being developed using primary principles and approaches of Node.js. These frameworks have extended the functionality of Node.js to a considerable extent and have also built newer features.

Today, frameworks like Express.js and Hapi.js are gaining prominence for designing better websites and mobile applications. Hence, it has become important to embrace the latest innovations that are being brought into the tech world by these Node.js frameworks. With this intention in mind, I decided to compile a list of popular Node.js frameworks and their useful applications. I am presenting a list of 10 Best Node.js Frameworks, which are currently redefining the application development field.

read the full story: http://www.devsaran.com/blog/10-best-nodejs-frameworks-developers



Nodize is an open source Content Management System for Node.js, written in CoffeeScript.

Nodize is an adaption of Ionize, a PHP CMS, to the Node.js platform.

Nodize is developed on top of Express and Zappa and is using Sequelize to manage the connection to the MySQL database.


– Multilingual content management
– Live update of articles (using Socket.io & JQuery)
– Easy backoffice interface that your customers will love
– WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE)
– Eco and CoffeeKup templates
– Node.js stability & low memory footprint
– Page caching (when Redis is installed)
– Easy integration of articles in your HTML design with helpers
– Cloud hosting with AppFog
– Pages & articles sorting with drag & drop
– A good looking media manager, with drag & drop uploads
– SEO friendly URLs

Application stack

nodejs >0.6.x





redis (optional)


My note: Although i did not get much success on this CMS, but you can try out, let me know if you do something good (i am not considering best yet) using this CMS.

From : http://nodize.com/ download and installation instruction: https://github.com/nodize/nodizecms

Implementing jquery mobile in express js application with jade template

in layout.jade view file

doctype 5
                 title= "MyMobileApp"
                 link(rel='stylesheet', href='/stylesheets/style.css')
                 link(rel='stylesheet', href='/stylesheets/jquery.mobile.css')
                 <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
         body(class="ui-mobile-viewport ui-overlay-c")
                 div(data-role='header',class='ui-header ui-bar-b')
                                   p My Sample Application
                          block content
                 div(data-role='footer',class='ui-header ui-bar-b')
                          h4= "Page Footer"

now, in index.jade view file,

extends layout

block content
p page content goes here

careful on indenting. jade template reacts the most with indentation.

Directories of an express application


The directory structure of a typical express application is,

  1. Public: – public assets are stored in this folder. Inside this folder, there are subfolders for images, javascripts and style sheets.
  2. Routes:-  express is best known for quick routing, the routes folders store the routing information.
  3. Views:- views folder stores view files.  You may find jades, jhtml or ejs files.

Also node_module folder has the modules for the application, and app.js is the main entry file for your application.

Installing express js and setting up an express application

Hello everybody and good evening. Now today I am going to discuss (form a practical prospective) about a node.js framework, which is called express js. You can find the framework at http://expressjs.com/. So let’s install the framework.

Assume that you have installed node.js already. Node.js has a command line tool called npm, which installs node.js packages. We will use npm to install express framework. (I will discuss about node in a latter post. I hope)

In the command prompt, type:

        npm install -g express

This will install express framework globally in your PC.  Now you can use express per project basis, but in this post I will focus on express command line tool.  Now type in command prompt,

        express -h

you will see the uses and option of express in command prompt.

Now we will create an express app. We will use jade template engine which is the default option for creating an app with express command tool. Just go to a suitable place in your PC, better with command prompt, if not then open command prompt at that folder and type in command prompt,

        express myApp

now, install dependencies (as instructed which you executes the last command)

        cd myApp
         npm install

npm install command will install the dependencies at node_modules folder. You can check that. Also, you can see package.json file. That file stores the dependency package for this project.

ok, now type,

        node app

now at the command prompt you will see express server is running. Open browser, type, localhost:3000 (you will see in command prompt, if you are using windows 7, you can use, I have not tested in windows 8). You will see the output in browser.

An opinion on…: Scrape webpages with node.js

The hard part about scraping data from websites is coming up with ways to quickly and reliably pick out pieces from the document object model (DOM). These days, I spend a lot of time using the jQuery selector syntax to develop my site which means that ideally I’d find a solution that can download a webpage and then provide me with jQuery-like functions and selectors to pick out pieces from the DOM. For this purpose, node.io uses a project called node-soupselect by default, but I found the selector syntax to be lacking. Thus, I layered another project called cheerio on top. Whatever you do, don’t use jsdom as it is too slow and very strict in its processing of html.


An opinion on…: Scrape webpages with node.js.