Now how I will use the internet

I have just created an account in, and found it really interesting. it is good as email service. And look, it got the metro interface!

As I told before, it is good for email, but I still prefer google drive over skydrive. And I am not still considering live profile as a social network application.

Now the battle between twitter and facebook, I would like to post my status on twitter (as it gives me 160 words only, for more then 160 words, I have this blog). As  lot of my friends are in facebook, I will chat with them.

So let me see, what tools I would like to use in internet,

Chat: Facebook (unchanged)

Status: Twitter (changed from facebook)

Email:outlook ( (changed from gmail)

Blog: wordpress (unchanged)

Cloud documents: Google drive (changed a long ago from dropbox )

Will tell you if I change any option listed there with description that why I am changing it.