New html5 template to watch: AdminLTE

Best open source admin dashboard & control panel theme. Built on top of Bootstrap 3, AdminLTE provides a range of responsive, reusable, and commonly used components.

Templates to watch: SB Admin 2

SB Admin 2 is the update of SB Admin. It is a free admin template based on twitter bootstrap framework.


  • New! Bower support now available! Install this template through the command line using bower install startbootstrap-sb-admin-2!
  • Responsive sidebar menu with multi-level dropdowns and active classes
  • LESS files included for deeper customization
  • Responsive top navigation menu with dropdown menu items
  • 3 custom panel styles: red, yellow, and green
  • Two Powerful jQuery charting plugins, Flot Charts and Morris.js
  • Sortable, searchable, multi-page Bootstrap tables using the DataTables jQuery plugin
  • Custom circle icon buttons from Bootsnipp
  • Built-in library of Bootstrap social buttons from Bootstrap Social
  • Responsive Bootstrap timeline from Bootsnipp
  • Bootstrap chat widget from Bootsnipp
  • Login page by Bootsnipp

 You can download it from here:

Brushed Template | Alessio Atzeni | Web Designer & Front-end Developer

currently working on a project and found this theme beautiful

Brushed Template | Alessio Atzeni | Web Designer & Front-end Developer.

Joomla template frameworks

Some people says that i write too much!!!!!
Well, joomla is a great tool for beginners. i personally works in joomla but it is difficult to find a good template for free and it is really hard for a developer like me to work on joomla template. so i choose joomla template frameworks to do the job.
Now you know that the benefit of using open source software is the flexibility of choosing a lot of options. so there are a lot of template framework in joomla. but i think (as my senior in the office faruk vai says) the most popular is Gantry framework. Another one is JA Template framework from JA Team.

Here are the links:-
Gantry framework download page:-
JA Template framework download page:-