Disconnected #twitter from my #wordpress blog, i think its better if i dont share everything and share what audience want to hear. Right? 

খালেদা জিয়ার প্রথম টুইট

আজ বৃহস্পতিবার বিকেলে নিজের টুইটার অ্যাকাউন্টের আনুষ্ঠানিক উদ্বোধন করেন বিএনপি চেয়ারপারসন ও সাবেক প্রধানমন্ত্রী খালেদা জিয়া। তবে আনুষ্ঠানিক উদ্বোধনের আগেই আজ সকালে টুইটারে প্রথম টুইট করেন বিএনপি চেয়ারপারসন।

Source: খালেদা জিয়ার প্রথম টুইট

Twitter access token generation in php


if (!isset($_GET[\”oauth_token\”])) {

// set these values in a config file somewhere.

$twitter = new TwitterOAuth(CONSUMER_KEY, CONSUMER_SECRET);

// append a ?. This is your callback URL if you specify something.

$credentials = $twitter->getRequestToken(\”http://example.com/test.php?\”);

// try and be a bit more elegant with the URL… This is a minimal example

$url = $twitter->getAuthorizeUrl($credentials);

echo $url;

// these are temporary tokens that must be used to fetch the new,

// permanent access tokens. store these in some way,

// session is a decent choice.

$_SESSION[\”token\”] = $credentials[\”oauth_token\”];

$_SESSION[\”secret\”] = $credentials[\”oauth_token_secret\”];

} else {

// use the user\’s previously stored temporary credentials here

$twitter = new TwitterOAuth(CONSUMER_KEY, CONSUMER_SECRET,

$_SESSION[\”token\”], $_SESSION[\”secret\”]);

// uses the oauth_token (from the request) already.

// you store these credentials in your database (see below).

$credentials = $twitter->getAccessToken($_GET[\”oauth_verifier\”]);

// just a printout of credentials. store these, don\’t display them.

echo \”



// valid credentials, provided you give the app access to them.

echo \”




via php – Why is my twitter oauth access token invalid / expired – Stack Overflow.

Social Gaming Research by Future Platforms on Aug 24, 2010 (SlideShare)

Now how I will use the internet

I have just created an account in outlook.com, and found it really interesting. it is good as email service. And look, it got the metro interface!

As I told before, it is good for email, but I still prefer google drive over skydrive. And I am not still considering live profile as a social network application.

Now the battle between twitter and facebook, I would like to post my status on twitter (as it gives me 160 words only, for more then 160 words, I have this blog). As  lot of my friends are in facebook, I will chat with them.

So let me see, what tools I would like to use in internet,

Chat: Facebook (unchanged)

Status: Twitter (changed from facebook)

Email:outlook (outlook.com) (changed from gmail)

Blog: wordpress (unchanged)

Cloud documents: Google drive (changed a long ago from dropbox )

Will tell you if I change any option listed there with description that why I am changing it.

Twitter Help Center | About Twitter’s Link Service (http://t.co)

Twitter’s link service at http://t.co is used to better protect users from malicious sites that engage in spreading malware, phishing attacks, and other harmful activity.

A link converted by Twitter’s link service is checked against a list of potentially dangerous sites.

Our link service will also be used to measure information such as how many times a link has been clicked

This information will eventually become an important quality signal for our resonance algorithm, which determines how relevant and interesting each Tweet is when compared to similar Tweets

via Twitter Help Center | About Twitter’s Link Service (http://t.co).

TweetMeme – Search and Retweet the Hottest Stories on Twitter

What is hot and what is not in twitter?

See the popular links according to tweets!

TweetMeme – Search and Retweet the Hottest Stories on Twitter.

মৃত্যুদণ্ডের কারণ হতে পারে টুইটার

সম্প্রতি মহানবীকে অবমাননা করে টুইটারে বার্তা প্রকাশ করা সাংবাদিককে মালয়েশিয়ায় গ্রেফতার করে সৌদি আরবে পাঠিয়ে দেয়া হয়েছে। সেখানে তার মৃত্যুদণ্ডও হতে পারে বলে ধারণা করা হচ্ছে। খবর রয়টার্সের।

via tech.bdnews24.com | Bangladeshs first bilingual 24/7 news provider in any medium opened its content to public free of charge on 23 Oct 2006.

Out of Network

Warning: My blog posts are not visible in any social networks, So please check my blog for new updates.

I hate to write but yes, It is true. My blog is not showing in anywhere. Neither in Facebook nor in Twitter

I dont know it is a temporary problem or not, but i am afraid that i have to manually share my blogs to social networks. Which is really painfull.

It is bad, really bad for me. 😦