Back in WordPress

Ya ya, i was absent for a long time!
Anyways, It is good to be back in my blog. I was too busy with twitter , twitting and twitting, And it got my attention from facebook.
I think last time i make some changes to my blog and it is time to make some more changes.
So, hope i would write some more.


uc browser is not working!

What the hell? My uc browser is now not working.
Well,I am not totally out of work,My uc browser can surf the net and wap,but by this,i cant browse twitter or facebook. Which is my problem.
Bright part is i can post to wordpress,which is good as my post lands to fb and twitter.
U know whats the probs for mobilog,u can not write too much,only 512 letters.
But it is still better then twitter,isnt that?

my twitters

Well, if you are in twitter,follow me in @ShohelIslam . You also see my twittes from my web site.
Truthfully saying, i like twitter most then other web site. This network is good, and too good. (bad is all of my friends are in facebook,so i have to see fb profile more often.)