Again installed P2 Template for my blog It…

Again installed P2 Template for my blog. It is better as it gives me inserting post right from the front page.

MVC Generator for Joomla!

This small and FREE tool generates your basic structure directory and files to start a new Joomla! component based on MVC architecture. You must enter the name and a small description of your project, then choose the elements that you need to create your personal component and click on Generate package to export your package in zip installer format. Now, Your package is ready to install !

via MVC Generator for Joomla!.

A default.xml with parameters (joomla1.5)

This xml file uses parameters, which can be populated in backend.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>


<layout title=”contactus Layout”>


<![CDATA[contactus Layout]]>




<name>contactus Layout</name>

<description>contactus Layout</description>


<param type=”text” name=”name” size=”100″ label=”Company Name:” description=”Enter Company Name” />

<param type=”textarea” name=”address”  label=”Company Address:” description=”Enter Company Name” />

<param type=”text” name=”phone” size=”100″ label=”Company phone:” description=”Enter Company Phone Number” />

<param type=”text” name=”Longitute” size=”100″ label=”location longitute:” description=”Enter Company Location” />

<param type=”text” name=”Latitute” size=”100″ label=”location latitute:” description=”Enter Company location” />







more info in :-



BUET Admission for Postgraduate

It is a simple post to share the link,


It’s RockMelt

Well after a long day i am writing something.

Last night i saw banner ad in mediafire about the RockMelt Browser. (I saw it a long time but ignored that). I downloaded that. and started to use that from yesterday.

Now the first thing, this RockMelt is not a base browser, it is derived from Chromium. (Now a days, i am seeing a lot of browsers which are forked from either Firefox or Chromium)

I should admit that RockMelt is good for those who likes social networks. Although i will not give a good remark on there chat, or not having any good support for wordpress(well, the have support for tumblr)

Will write some more info about rockmelt soon. Need to go now. In general i am happy with this browser (until now)



Happy Saturday.

In most Muslim country, the week begins with this day, or Saturday is the last (seventh) day of the week on many calendars and in conventions that consider the week as beginning on Sunday, or the sixth day of the week according to international standard ISO 8601 which was first published in 1988.[1]

Saturday was named no later than the 2nd century for the planet Saturn, which controlled the first hour of that day according to Vettius Valens. Its Latin name dies Saturni (“Saturn’s Day”) entered into Old English as Saeternesdaeg.[1]



Code Generation with Bake — Cookbook v2.x documentation

Now here is some thing i want to share to you. See the code generation of cakephp from command prompt.

Code Generation with Bake — Cookbook v2.x documentation.

Best PHP Frameworks to build quickly complex web applications

In this link you will get to know about some new PHP frameworks.

Best PHP Frameworks to build quickly complex web applications.

Portfolio – Creative Online Media

Here i am posting a link of a portfolio page of a software firm of UK. Look at there web designs! They are really good.

Portfolio – Creative Online Media.

‘পাকিস্তানের অখণ্ডতা চেয়ে অপরাধ করেননি মুজাহিদ’ – প্রথম আলো

মানবতাবিরোধী অপরাধে অভিযুক্ত জামায়াতে ইসলামীর নেতা আলী আহসান মোহাম্মাদ মুজাহিদের আইনজীবীর দাবি, পাকিস্তানের অখণ্ডতা চেয়ে মুজাহিদ কোনো অপরাধ করেননি। একাত্তরে পাকিস্তানের সার্বভৌমত্ব ও ভারতের আগ্রাসন থেকে দেশকে রক্ষার জন্য বক্তব্য দিয়েছেন। সেটা মানবতাবিরোধী অপরাধ হতে পারে না।

via ‘পাকিস্তানের অখণ্ডতা চেয়ে অপরাধ করেননি মুজাহিদ’ – প্রথম আলো.