Which browser will be best for your wordpress blog


Lets get it straight, firefox,safari,opera.

Firefox, i think the best browser available in the market. It is really good for sarfing net. And it has a large extensions to support.

Opera has its widget power. But some how it is slow. (I dont know what others will say but i think it is really slow to load a page. and it also take more time to download, if i take a counter on firefox)

Safari, apples work, i should say any thing more about that? A nice browser, works well, have developer option build in, i think choice of a developer.

What about chrome? well babe, it need more maturity.

Starting to use google chrome


“A fast browser for faster work”
Is that google chrome’s slogan?
Anyways, i have started to use the latest version of google chrome experiencing that yap, it is some how a little fast.
But i always like its UI. It feels me that i am browsing on some think new.
You know one think, UI DOES MATTER.

I will tell you when i find more ….