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A Short review on Collabtive


Well, first thing is I am writing blog. It is a good thing, is not it?

Today I want to talk about a Collaborative application. I am currently using it at my office. As we are communicating with our client so frequently and we need to keep him up to date, so we decide to use a collaborative application.

We are using collabtive (http://collabtive.o-dyn.de/)


Fig: Collabtive web site

Now it is a groupware, Collaborative software (also referred to as groupware) is computer software designed to help people involved in a common task achieve goals. One of the earliest definitions of “collaborative software” is, “intentional group processes plus software to support them.” [1]

Now it is an alternative of BaseCamp, written in PHP and JavaScript. It started in November 2007. And it is good for small to medium-sized businesses and freelancers.

The application is currently available in sourceforge and google code. This project is last modified at 19/1/2012 (Fresh enough!)

Now you can download and test it in your local server.

If you are using cpanel and which support softaculous, you can install it via softaculous.

Fig: Collabtive in cpanel/ softaculous

Now if you don’t have this support in your cpanel, don’t worry, upload the application in your server. Install it manually.

I installed it via cpanel. Now here is the login page of the application


Now this is the landing page (called Desktop)


This application is really cool. Usefull if you are a freelancer, or you need to control your small to mid level projects.




Happy Saturday.

In most Muslim country, the week begins with this day, or Saturday is the last (seventh) day of the week on many calendars and in conventions that consider the week as beginning on Sunday, or the sixth day of the week according to international standard ISO 8601 which was first published in 1988.[1]

Saturday was named no later than the 2nd century for the planet Saturn, which controlled the first hour of that day according to Vettius Valens. Its Latin name dies Saturni (“Saturn’s Day”) entered into Old English as Saeternesdaeg.[1]


source:[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturday

Yii is supporting as a official framework at my office

Today morning we had a meeting at our office, and we made some decision. We will focus on a framework rather then working with raw PHP.
Now the yii framework is tranding on the php community. Where codeigniter is the 2nd choice. So i think that why should not i start working on yii framework.
I know that yii is still young and there is a lot developers are expecting from yii, first thing they expecting is yii 2.0 , which should come on march according to their website but still no clue about the release! And it will be a pain to learn a new framework.
What ever, why should not i make a start with it?
I will develop my next project on yii framework…….

Best of luck Faysal, Best of luck ……

Publishing my post from Microsoft Word


Again I am using Microsoft word to publish posts in my blog. I like to write blog from the wordpress panel but the problem is I am not a native English speaker and I need support of grammer and spelling chacking option of Microsoft word. And trust me, Microsoft word is best in this.

So, I hope I can publish my post more frequently now.

#weblog , #microsoft word

Well Back to old theme Not better look…

Well, Back to old theme. Not better look but feels like i am using facebook. 😀
More post coming away!

phpXpert Conference Today

Great, The community of PHP Bangladesh will meet today!

PHP is very popular in Bangladesh, as well as to the world. Today phpXpert, the most balanced community of PHP in Bangladesh, will held seminars and tech sessions in Dhaka.

I hope i will able to go and join with them!


A change in my Blog

I will go for another change on my blog,
Stay tuned…… 😀

Alright, Back in WordPress

Oh,boy, back in wordpress!
Whats the hottest news today morning? yap i got stuck on uploading my codes in server. I use a hosting place to backup my codes. I current office does not use git so i need to be syncd with the server.
But what happened today morning? i just got stuck as the upload page of the filemanager was not responding. I worked too hard last night on a component so it need to be uploaded , i am in a hurry as it is a tight scheduled project.
At this time, i am trying to use use dropbox to store my codes. If failed, no one can help me. (well there is a last option, he he )

Which browser will be best for your wordpress blog

Lets get it straight, firefox,safari,opera.

Firefox, i think the best browser available in the market. It is really good for sarfing net. And it has a large extensions to support.

Opera has its widget power. But some how it is slow. (I dont know what others will say but i think it is really slow to load a page. and it also take more time to download, if i take a counter on firefox)

Safari, apples work, i should say any thing more about that? A nice browser, works well, have developer option build in, i think choice of a developer.

What about chrome? well babe, it need more maturity.