#deepin still now, i prefer this distribution over other #linux distributions. And moreover, my wife can use this distribution well thanks to its dock which can transform as a #windows task bar. (was that named as task bar? i forgot actually.)


Microsoft’s Windows 10 event in 8 minutes


Check out the tags for a quick guess what you are expecting to see from this video. Wait, Did i mentioned HoloLens?

Convert Sublime Text 2 to Licensed Version by codifyme



For x64: After install, open sublime-text.exe with hex editor. Find and replace “33 42″ with “32 42″. Save and using this license key to register:

Patrick Carey
Unlimited User License

You should copy from Begin License till End License.

UPDATE: If you only change 4333 3342 3032 to 4333 3242 3032 it also works for the last build (http://blog.csdn.net/bill200711022/article/details/8837517)


Pear Upgrade: Security Error Fix


This was an issue I had for just about a week. I am kinda new to the idea of doing regression tests on all of a project’s codebase, but the tools I was going to be using were easily installable via PEAR. Setting up the development environment was quite a task and because of this, I found myself installing and re-installing software multiple times so that the settings would be correct. I’m not sure if this was the reason for this issue none the less, after a few re-installs of PEAR, I started getting the following error when I attempted to upgrade:

Error getting channel info from pear.phpunit.de: SECURITY ERROR: Will not write to C:\Users\DTHOMP~1\AppData\Local\Temp\pear\cache\4ab1bc7c
67cfd409719746ffb3d29a21rest.cacheid as it is symlinked to C:\Users\dthompson\AppData\Local\Temp\pear\cache\4ab1bc7c67cfd409719746ffb3d29a2
1rest.cacheid – Possible symlink attack


Very simply put, the solution was to locate the pear cache folder and delete all of it’s contents. Once I did that, I was able to run pear upgrade without any issues.

A few things to consider:

1. PHP Unit was the package that I installed before getting the upgrade errors.

2. This was running on a Windows 7 box


Taken From: http://www.mrdonovanthompson.com/teck-talk/pear-upgrade-security-error-fix


pik- manage multiple versions of ruby on Windows


pik- manage multiple versions of ruby on Windows

pik is a tool to manage multiple versions of ruby on Windows. It can be used from the Windows command line (cmd.exe), Windows PowerShell, or Git Bash.