When you will understand you need to switch your job?

Here are some key points taken from the following site: https://www.careeraddict.com/17335/10-signs-you-should-quit-your-job , for details please see that site.

#1 You are not learning anything new

#2 You have lost your passion for the job or for the company

#3 Your values no longer align with that of the company

#4 You are not being pushed to your full potential

#5 You simply don’t enjoy what you do

#6 You don’t get along with your co-workers

#7 You are unable to work with your boss

#8 The company is facing an uncertain future with high risk of redundancies

#9 You have no room for progression

#10 You wake up each day with dread at the thought of work that day

Seen anything inside you? then i suggest you should look for a new job.

Round in PHP

it is

float round ( float $val [, int $precision = 0 [, int $mode = PHP_ROUND_HALF_UP ]] )


echo round(3.4); // 3
echo round(3.5); // 4
echo round(3.6); // 4
echo round(3.6, 0); // 4
echo round(1.95583, 2); // 1.96
echo round(1241757, -3); // 1242000
echo round(5.045, 2); // 5.05
echo round(5.055, 2); // 5.06