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** মীর কাসেম আলীকে প্রাণভিক্ষার বিষয়ে সিদ্ধান্ত জানাতে ৭ দিন সময় দেয়া হবে: কারা মহাপরিদর্শক ।

** ছেলের খোঁজ না পাওয়া পর্যন্ত প্রাণভিক্ষার বিষয়ে সিদ্ধান্ত জানাবেন না মীর কাসেম; কারাগারে দেখা করে জানালেন স্বজনেরা।


With 4000 taka income

For the first time after three years of their marriage Rifat (18) came from village to meet her husband Mizan (22). Today they will go out together also for the first time. Mizan eagerly said, ‘Let’s go to Cinema. We will go by bus. You will enjoy a lot.’Pregnant Rifat politely replied, ‘Shame! Watching cinema is sin. I want to go to Zoo. Can you buy some nuts for the monkeys?’ Mizan laughed loudly and rubbed her hair. With 4000 taka income this young couple is living and dreaming their life that apparently has no flaws!

Source: Facebook

Groovy Methods

A method is in Groovy is defined with a return type or with the def keyword. Methods can receive any number of arguments. It’s not necessary that the types are explicitly defined when defining the arguments. Modifiers such as public, private and protected can be added. By default, if no visibility modifier is provided, the method is public.

Source: Groovy Methods

Grails Plugin: Grails CSV Plugin

Using it is extremely simple. On any instance of the four data types, call the ‘eachCsvLine’ method with a closure accepting the tokens (a String array) for each parsed line:

"hello, world, how, are, you".eachCsvLine { tokens ->
           //only one line in this case and tokens.length == 5
new File("iso3166Countries.csv").eachCsvLine { tokens ->
           new Country(tokens[0],        //ISO 3166 country name
                       tokens[1]).save() //ISO 3166 2 letter character code

Source: Grails Plugin: Grails CSV Plugin

How to get full path of selected file on change of using javascript, jquery-ajax? – Stack Overflow

$(‘#i_file’).change( function(event) { var tmppath = URL.createObjectURL([0]); $(“img”).fadeIn(“fast”).attr(‘src’,URL.createObjectURL([0])); $(“#disp_tmp_path”).html(“Temporary Path(Copy it and try pasting it in browser address bar) –> [“+tmppath+”]”);});

Source: How to get full path of selected file on change of using javascript, jquery-ajax? – Stack Overflow

Watching ghostbusters(2016) movie.

Well i thought the movie sucks but well, its on average if you ask me. Not too good but enjoyable.

Still there are bad acting, weak story line with cheap dialog. But if you are taking about passing time, you can cope it up with.


Update: after watching the full movie, it ruined MY CHILDHOOD !

Intelij idea is just slowing me down. I know most of you will disagree but for me sublime text works better for me.


Ok, i do not suggest the following video though

This song is good, but whats wrong with the video bro?:/


that kills


The remix is bad, can understand clearly the music tracks used on the above.


Unity certification courseware

Check it in here.


Haar Kala by Samrat and original by Abbas Uddin Ahmed