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I have removed #twitter to #facebook posting and connected #twitter to #wordpress blog. In that way my wordpress post will go to twitter and facebook and the hopefully nowhere it will be posted twice.

#watching resident evil 2 again, like and love this movie as much as i like the game. :)

My workstation at office

Carefull using Tortoise SVN and 7zip with Windows 10

Well windows 10 does not works well with tortoise SVN. by saying not works well, you can not see the file/folder status in your windows explorer but your SVN works well.

Same issue happens with 7zip, it is not found in right click menu! but software is working well.

Digging more to find out if there is any workaround.

Its a good thing that I am carrying my laptop with me. Now at hatirjheel, stuck in jam and have my laptop with me to carry out my works.

I don’t know when I can be released (!) from this jam, but good that I got some time to do some more work.

Ok, i set up #p2 new version. Lets check its still have the issue of social posting.

Back in #wordpress. :D

P2 new theme may have issues with social. Testing with old version of p2

Bootstrap toggle

first include this

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
<script src=""></script>

then you can change a checkbox to toggle

<input checked data-toggle="toggle" type="checkbox">


#bootstrap #frontend #webdev

Ok, my last posts were not in facebook and twitter. Dont know why. This post is a test to check my wordpress to facebook and twitter connection is ok or not.

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